Types of Car Seats

Types of Car Seats

Various types of car seats are available in the market but it is upon you to decide what car seat you wish to purchase for your child so that you can take your child safely and comfortably along with you while travelling. Depending upon the age, weight and growth of your child, we have listed various categories of car seats which are available in the market for your purchase: 

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Car Seats for Infants

These types of car seats are generally used for newborns or infants up to the age of 1 year. They are found to be perfect for babies weighing between 20 to 30 lbs. These car seats provide perfect security for your little ones due to an efficient harness system provided in the seat which keeps the baby intact with the seat. Another benefit of Infant only Car seats is that it can be used as a convenient carrier if you wish to carry your baby out for a short while as it comprises of a detachable carrier which can be detached from the base installed in your vehicle. You can even purchase and install additional bases in multiple vehicles.

The only disadvantage of these types of car seats is its limitation that you cannot use the infant only car seat if your child out grows the size of the seat. So generally the maximum period you will be able to use it would be anywhere between 1 to 1.5 years of age. However, you can re sell the infant only car seat online. 

Convertible Car Seats

This seat overcomes the drawback of infant only seat. A convertible car seat can be used for infants as well as toddlers. It comprises of a seat which is designed in such a manner that it can be used for both rear as well as forward facing. The same seat can be used as a rear-facing seat for an infant, which can later be converted into a forward-facing seat when your child grows up. These seats can be used for a longer period compared to infant only seats as it serves multiple purposes. Convertible car seats also guarantee a lot more safety than any other seat as it allows rear-facing for a longer period which is considered as the safest way of seating your child. 

The only drawback of convertible car seats is that they are bulky and cannot be carried from one place to another easily. Also, you need to keep in mind the size and dimension of your available car space in order to place these seats into your vehicle. Hence it is advised to choose the best convertible car seat which comforts your baby and fits in your car as well.

Booster Seat

A booster is a car seat which can be used once the child is over with the use of his infant only car seat. A Booster can be considered as a forward facing car seat as it comprises of a similar harness system as required by a forward facing seat. The harness system can even be removed and the seat can be converted into a complete booster once the child crosses the weight and growth parameters. The harness system provided in this seat is relatively more flexible and adjustable. Generally, parents tend to switch to a Booster directly after using the infant only seat.

The snag with a booster is that it cannot be used as a rear-facing seat which results in bypassing the use of a rear-facing seat by most parents.

Prams v/s Strollers

Most of us reading this article would have never thought whether there was any difference between a stroller, a pram, a buggy and a pushchair. We generally refer the same thing by different names. But when you go to a store to buy a baby carriage, you will be perplexed about the myriad types and the varieties of baby carriages available in the market. They all come with contrasting names, features and functionalities.

Perambulators, generally known as prams, are baby carriages which allow infants or babies to rest in a sleeping position with their back aligned to the base of the pram and the face facing the sky. The baby can sleep in a relaxed position and is always able to see the face of the person pushing the pram. The length and the breath of a pram is enough to accommodate a baby in a lying position along with additional stuff which can be kept beside the baby. A pram also incorporates a wide canopy which enables the baby to be protected from sunlight, dust and rain. A pram is generally four wheeled as its four wheels guarantee a balanced and a hustle free ride to the baby.

A stroller is also referred to as a buggy or a pushchair in some countries. Strollers are used to carry babies from one place to another while they enjoy the ride in a sitting position. The basic difference between a stroller and a perambulator is that strollers are used for babies who have grown enough such that they can be made to sit in a carriage while traveling whereas prams are used for infants who are at a very tender age, generally less than 6-8 months, and are not able to sit on their own. Strollers can be used for children who have reached the age where they are able to sit without falling while prams are used for infants or newborns having an age of less than 6-8 months. There are many resources which provide double stroller reviews which are very benificial for parents.

Strollers being lighter in weight as compared to prams also come with an ability of collapsing easily so that they can be carried anywhere easily. This feature of strollers to get folded and unfolded in an uncomplicated fashion makes them highly portable. Strollers also come with a built in harness system consisting of safety belts, crotch straps, backrests, footrests, padding etc which provide maximum safety to the child while sitting in the stroller. Just like a pram, it also comes equipped with an adjustable canopy which protects the child during harsh weather conditions.

Strollers can again be classified into its various categories. You will find multiple types of strollers in the market like Joggers, Umbrella strollers, Convertible Strollers, Double Strollers, triple Strollers, 3-wheeled strollers, 4-wheeled strollers etc. All these strollers are classified based upon their unique functionalities and features. However, all of them will solve the basic purpose of carrying your baby from one place to another. Double strollers are used by parents having two children as it can accommodate both the children in the same stroller either in a side-by-side manner or one in front of another way. It again depends upon the model of double stroller you wish to purchase. A triple stroller solves the same purpose for parents having three children. 

How to Choose a Baby Monitor?

How to choose a baby monitor

Before choosing a baby monitor, you need to read baby monitor reviews and decide upon the type of monitor you would need. Basically there are three types of baby monitors available in the market each with their own essential benefits. The basic purpose of baby monitors can however be solved by all the three types but it again depends on your convenience as to which type of baby monitor will help deliver you the best monitoring of your child.

Audio baby monitors or sound monitors are basically radio systems with a transmitter and receiver unit. The transmitter unit generally incorporates a microphone inside a trendy block of instrument (similar to a toy shape) which is placed near the baby. It transmits any sounds uttered by the baby through a channel of radio waves to the receiver end which is the speaker. The receiver end or the speaker is placed in the parent’s room or the caretaker’s room. You can be relaxed and sleep for a couple of hours while the baby is asleep in his room. Infants generally cry when they wake up which can be heard over the speaker placed in your room. Audio baby monitors are for those parents who are pretty sure that their baby’s cry is more than enough to awaken them. This device is also suitable for those parents who are first timers, are more anxious and sleep deprived than the experienced ones.

Video monitors give you an extra facility along with the audio monitoring feature. As the name suggests, video monitors allow caretakers to monitor their child through a surveillance camera which is placed in the baby’s room. The receiver of the camera is generally a display which can be a laptop, a small LCD display or even laptops. You can view the activities of your child over this display from time to time. A video monitoring is for obvious reasons considered to be better than simple audio monitoring and this is the reason why video baby monitors are expensive than the audio ones. A video baby monitor is also more useful if you have multiple children as the surveillance camera can be set in such a way so as to monitor multiple children. Even when the baby gets older, video monitors can be used to monitor various other activities of children. Most video monitors also have the functionality which allows them   surveillance during the night time. These monitors use infrared cameras which automatically turn on during the dark hours.

Movement Monitors are baby monitors which have gone beyond just simple audio and video functionalities. These baby monitors intend to alert the parents or the caregivers when the slight movements made by the baby stops for the set time period. These baby monitors consist of motion sensors which are placed under the cot mattress. These motions sensors are sensitive enough to detect even minute movements made by the baby while sleeping. If the movement stops for more than a fixed time period due to any unfortunate incidence, the alarm placed in the parent’s room will alert the caregiver. Movement monitors are generally used by parents during the first six month period when the risk of origination of various sleep- related death diseases are significant. 

Top 3 Gifts for Valentine’s Day

A valentine day’s gift is one of the most crucial gift about which one remains very conscious throughout the year. However, a wide variety of gifts is available to choose from and it s very easy to come up with ideas for Valentine Day’s gift. The common ones include perfumes, colognes, chocolates, lingerie, bouquets, love flowers, trendy watches etc- but here are some love filled unique valentine’s day gift ideas which you can gift to your loved ones this valentine and make your valentine’s day really special and an out of the heart box type.

1. A Holiday or A Small Vacation

If you want to make your valentine’s day a unique one this time, plan a small leisure trip to a nearby romantic location and surprise your loved one with the journey tickets and bags packed. You need to be careful about this surprise as you need to do some advance planning and extra careful if you have kids at home. But trust me; nothing could be better than a surprise weekend trip to a romantic location where there will be just the two of you to enjoy and be comfortable, away from the hectic work schedules. You can find great travel deals on various travel websites and get them booked early for even more discounts. Make sure the destination is not too far from your place so that you get to spend more time at the destination rather than travelling. 

2. Closed Ear Headphones

To make your Valentine’s Day special, your Valentine’s Day gift should be something quirky. How about surprising your special one with a pair of headphones which when worn, say, I LOVE YOU or a message recorded by you in your own voice. Isn’t the idea really quirky and romantic, well yes, it definitely is. If you’re a girl and looking for an ideal valentines gift for your guy, you are making a great choice by selecting closed ear headphones for him. You might want to gift a music playing device along with a set of headphones with your message recorded in it so that when he puts it on for the first time, he listens to your romantic message each time and remembers you. Closed ear Headphones are portable and provide the best noise cancelling so that you enjoy just the music and nothing else. You can also opt for various colors as per the availability. You can purchase your favorite Noise Cancelling headphones online as many websites offer discounted deals before Valentine’s Day. 

3. Gift a Wine

Wines are considered to be the most convenient and classy gifts for the Valentine’s Day.  You can get your personalized wine gift made this valentine’s. Chocolate is considered to be the most quintessential gift and what could be more exciting than gifting your loved ones with their favorite wine covered in chocolate. Sounds exciting, well exactly, it is an exciting and a unique idea. Similarly, you can write a love letter and get it embedded on your personalized bottle of wine gift. You can write your own message or choose from a number of available romantic messages for your loved ones.